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The right solution, every time.

Many things must be taken into consideration to arrive at the right solution: a facility owner’s budget, a health care worker’s lower back and a client’s comfort and dignity. What does it take to deliver the right solution every time?

Specialized Expertise
Angel Accessibility Solutions specializes in providing client handling solutions. We’ve worked with hundreds of facilities and have installed over 20,000 systems. Whatever your challenge, we have the knowledge and expertise to solve it.

Innovative Products
You can be confident every one of our product offerings has been tested and proven in the field and we are constantly working to improve them further. The experience caregivers and clients have with our products means everything to us.

Individualized Solutions
The solutions we design are not simply pulled from a box – they are tailored to your unique requirements and challenges. We conduct a thorough needs assessment with your staff and clients, and use their feedback to customize the solution we provide to your facility.

Thoughtful Planning
We take the time to ask questions and understand not only your immediate needs, but the challenges you expect to face in the future. We will incorporate your long-term needs into our design and inform you of any options that could result in cost savings or easier modifications down the road.

Ongoing Support
We provide all of the training needed to educate staff in the adoption of your client handling solution. We also support and service all of the equipment we sell indefinitely, giving you long-term stability and worry-free operation.

We take full ownership of the customer experience. If any of our products don’t work as promised, we’ll make it right. You will not be left with equipment that fails to meet your needs. It’s this commitment to our clients that keeps them coming back, and keeps our company growing.