CAD Drawings

There’s more than meets the eye to our CAD Capabilities.


Angel’s Project Management Team is regularly called upon to provide information pertaining to track specifications, clearances, and assembly methods. Having gained the experience of working with many Architects and Builders over the last 15 years, we have the knowledge to assist with any of your design needs and will customize our shop drawings according to the layouts and building structure of your facility.


The best time to contact the Project Team is during the planning stage to ensure the most functional system is provided to meet the clients’ needs. The other critical time is during the design process of your building. Angel can help to mitigate costs by coordinating hanger locations, or providing innovative solutions to assist the function of your patient lift system in conjunction with other services in a room.


During the design process, it is critical specifications about our tracking systems are communicated clearly in order to mitigate any potential conflicts that might arise. Drawings are the best way to ensure this information is communicated.


In order to best serve our clients by providing instant information, we are now making our standard specification drawings available in PDF Format for your reference to download below.

For advice about what system will best suit your needs please contact our Project Management Team directly, who will be happy to provide you the input required to make your project a success.