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Providing safe, comfortable and dignified support for those who need help with transferring from a bed to stretcher or frequent repositioning in bed is one of the most challenging tasks for caregivers.

Angel offers a range of solutions – including gurneys, stretchers, slides, sheets and boards – to make the job easier for caregivers and more secure and comfortable for the patient.

Bed Repositioning

Products proven to help prevent injuries while repositioning patients in bed.

4-Way Glide
reposition patients in multiple directions
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Air Glide System
makes repositioning easy, enhances patient comfort
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eases patient turning, transferring and repositioning
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MultiGlide Sheets
eases patient repositioning, prevents skin damage
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Seated Repositioning

Products designed to facilitate easy repositioning patients in a seated position.

MultiGlide Gloves
ideal for quick positioning adjustments
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encourages sitting posture, prevents slippage
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Lateral Transfers

Products that help caregivers while performing lateral transfers between surfaces.

Q2 Mobility Board
a truly universal transfer board
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the industry standard for safe patient lifting
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shorter version of the HoverMatt
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the number one choice for lateral patient transfers
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Assisted Mobility

Products that provide patients with greater stability and support while walking.

ErgoBelt 3100
reduces back strain, extra padding
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ErgoBelt 3101
reduces back strain
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Inflatable Lift Chairs

A safe and dignified solution to assisting fallen individuals and enhance the security of independent living.

Lifting Chair
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Emergency Lifting Cushion
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