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Product Categories

Angel offers a wide range of ceiling lifts and other transfer solutions for hospitals, long term care and home care settings. These products make life easier and safer for both patients and caregivers.

As you can see below, many styles are available. Our experts can help you choose the ideal transfer solution for your unique requirements. Contact us today!

Fixed Ceiling Lifts

Fixed ceiling lifts are permanently installed on their track system.

Advantages: Able to handle heavier loads. Always available in the room when needed.

A-450 / A-650 (COMING SOON)
the next generation in ceiling lifts
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our most affordable ceiling lift
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powerful and compact, quick lifting speed
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powerful and compact, great features
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the most durable lift in its class
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the strongest ceiling lift in its class
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Portable Ceiling Lifts

Portable ceiling lifts can be unhooked from one track and moved to another.

Advantages: Flexibility to move the lift from room to room and track to track.

our most affordable portable ceiling lift
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comfortable for the patient, lightweight and durable
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superior reliability for each and every transfer
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Free Standing Frames
(for Portable Ceiling Lifts)

Free-standing lift systems consist of a lift unit and track that connects to a collapsible overhead frame.

Advantages: Useful for temporary situations in clinical or home care settings.

Four-Post Bariatric
flexible and strong, up to 800 lbs capacity
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Pressure Fit
sets up in minutes, no tools required
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sets up in minutes, adjustable width and height
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lightweight frame, easy to assemble
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Floor Lifts

Floor lifts are a mobile alternative to ceiling lifts for transferring patients from one location to another.

Advantages: Flexibility to move the lift from room to room.

lightweight, folds away easily
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Versatile and cost-effective
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a bariatric lift with higher weight capacity
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CARLO Classic Alu
Light and stable aluminum construction
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CARLO Classic Alu 230
Easy patient repositioning up to 230kg.
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CARLO Comfort Alu EP
Place the client/patient without any effort or force.
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CARLO Comfort Alu EP 230
Bariatric repositioning with electronic assistance.
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Sit to Stand Lifts

Sit-to-stand lifts are used to move patients a short distance (e.g. to a commode or wheelchair). These lifts are designed for patients with reduced mobility/strength who are unable to raise themselves independently.

Advantages: Flexible and easy to use. Minimal assistance required from care giver.

move a patient easily with electric assist
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