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Product Categories

Bathing can be a challenging task for someone with a mobility limitation. Angel offers a range of products designed to ensure that bathing and showering remain safe and enjoyable experience regardless of age or ability.

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High Low Bath Tubs

Modern designs, from simple to the sublime!

Avero Premium Plus Tub
safe bathing for patients, easy access for caregivers
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Avero Phoenix Tub
sleek lines, outstanding quality
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Sitting, Reclining and Lifting Bathtubs

Comfort and convenience for both patients and caregivers.

Motion Reclining Tub
big tub, small footprint, fast filling
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Motion E Reclining Tub
big tub, small footprint
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Shower & Changing Stretcher Tables

Shower seats, trolleys and nursing tables for every need and budget.

easy to operate, versatile, universally applicable
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ANA Nursing Table
best-in-class nursing table with advanced features
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Sina Trolley
a flexible, multi-purpose shower trolley
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MONA Nursing Table
highly versatile transport stretcher
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