Patient Handling Solutions.

The potential for patient injury increases dramatically with manual lifting. Lifting devices provide a more secure process for lifting, transferring or repositioning patients, resulting in fewer falls and skin tears. Furthermore, patients report greater comfort and dignity when using lifts, because there is less pressure exerted on one particular body part or joint.

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Exceptional design from exceptional planning.

Exceptional design requires exceptional planning.
When it comes to specifying and implementing ceiling
lifts, proper planning is crucial to stay on budget.
The complexities of room design in a health care
facility, whether they be structural, mechanical,
or electrical require special understanding.
Angel Accessibility Solutions has that expertise.

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Let Loved Ones Remain at Home.

Many people feel overwhelmed by the idea of caring for a loved one at home. Having to frequently move an elderly parent to or from the bathroom or wheelchair, for instance, can seem like a daunting task. The risk of injury from overexertion or falling is real, and can make the difference between choosing home care over expensive institutional care.

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